Happy Halloween! – #INKtober 2017 – Mask

Even Monsters like to dress up! Have a very Happy and Safe Halloween. And remember a MASK will not HIDE who you REALLY ARE! #INKtober #inktober2017 #mask #halloween #ghosts #monsters #mummys #hide #scbwi #kidlitartist #illustration #friends #spooky #fun Day 75 actually #100dayproject (I was way off on my days as I looked back. But all good!) Such a great #INKtober. Wish it wasn’t over. Mask.jpg



Wow! What a weekend! I interacted with artists, editors, writers, art directors, agents, authors, colleagues, and friends. This was such an amazing experience. I hope to get back every year or as much as I can.

Some of the people I met were: Artist/Author Stephen Savage, Illustrator Mike Ciccotello, Art Director Maria Middleton, Literary Agent Andrea Cascardi, Illustrator Dan Moynihan, Illustrator/Designer/Author Leeza Hernandez, All The Wonders Podcast hosts Matthew Winner and Blake Hamilton and Author/Teacher Heather Preusser. There were so many other amazing illustrators and writers I met along the way. Each and every one was inspiring, brilliant, and down to earth. Can’t wait to use some of the inspiration they provided in my work.

Thanks to all at SCBWI for making it an experience I’ll never forget and for my friend Francesca Picone for inviting me along.


My Jury Show piece – Prompt: Now run along, and don’t get into mischief.



Take Your Kid To Work Day

Take your kid to work day is coming, Thursday April 27, 2017. Here is another awesome t-shirt design I did for Celgene Pharmaceutical, Mike’s company. The theme is Count On Me. Mike had the awesome idea to add a pinky swear to the design. Great Art Direction from Michael Gatto. Hope you enjoy, I always do. #TakeOurChildrenToWorkDay #daughtersandsonstowork #celgene Print


What is your path?

I was taking some time today to go through some old art/design/printouts/etc. I am getting my portfolio together for the SCBWI conference in June. It’s funny, through life you have a vision of what and who you are going to grow up to be. Each person walks a different path. Some paths change direction and lead you to another path. What I found today, was each day I grew from a Student, to an Artist, Designer, Handbag Designer, Package and Paper Engineer, Product Designer and Illustrator, Book Designer, Illustrator and Art Director, to a Mom, a Friend, a Teacher, a Maid, a Writer and back to a Student. Take each step with Love and Joy and be open to change because you never know where that different path will lead you.