#INKtober 2017 Day 11 – Run

Seriously shocked by the outcome of this…but I love it. Hope you like it too. I had a whole bunch of sketch ideas for this, but suddenly it came together.  #inktober #inktober2017 #run #100dayproject Day 58 #littleredridinghood #badwolf #kidlit #scbwi #grimm Enjoy!!



5 thoughts on “#INKtober 2017 Day 11 – Run

  1. Hey Gatto, I’m a follower on Instagram, can I ask how do you get your Insta posts onto your blog? Is there a trick to automate it? My poor blog is so neglected now with all my focus on inktober and instagram in general… I was considering just deleting it, but I didn’t even think to do this!


  2. Hey there. Funny, I am not so good with the blogging, but it is pretty easy so this way you post here and it goes to Twitter, Facebook, etc. I can’t figure out how to post to add Instagram so I just photograph my screen and send it there. If you go to your post settings, then sharing, you can add in your links. If you figure out how to add more, let me know. I have a Facebook Artist account and a personal Facebook. I copy and paste to my personal one, because I think you can only add one Facebook account there. Good Luck. Let know if you need nay other help. Kim


  3. Thanks. I will check it out. I also heard of an app called “Buffer” that you can get for your computer or phone. Still need to look into it, but at
    least there is a few things we can look into.


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