Take Your Kid To Work Day

Take your kid to work day is coming, Thursday April 27, 2017. Here is another awesome t-shirt design I did for Celgene Pharmaceutical, Mike’s company. The theme is Count On Me. Mike had the awesome idea to add a pinky swear to the design. Great Art Direction from Michael Gatto. Hope you enjoy, I always do. #TakeOurChildrenToWorkDay #daughtersandsonstowork #celgene Print

My sticker collection from the 80’s

I have been taking some time this week to catch up on organizing and cleaning with the kids being home for spring break. I stumbled upon my old sticker collection book of the 1980’s. Some of these stickers from back in 1970 and who knows maybe older. I have some stickers that I don’t even know where they came from; probably from when we would trade stickers in school. Good childhood memories! Take a look at a few of the hundreds I still have. Some held up amazingly and some not so good. Here is a list to name a few: ET, Hello Kitty, Ziggy, Garfield, Disney, Warner Brothers, Sandra Boynton, Pac Man, Garbage Pail and don’t forgot lots of rainbows, holograms, unicorns, scratch & sniff and puffy stickers. But one of my favorites is Hurray for Boyfriends! Illustrated by a child named Amanda Oberschelp age  7 1/2 for The Children’s Art Collection. So much fun!!! Enjoy.


What is your path?

I was taking some time today to go through some old art/design/printouts/etc. I am getting my portfolio together for the SCBWI conference in June. It’s funny, through life you have a vision of what and who you are going to grow up to be. Each person walks a different path. Some paths change direction and lead you to another path. What I found today, was each day I grew from a Student, to an Artist, Designer, Handbag Designer, Package and Paper Engineer, Product Designer and Illustrator, Book Designer, Illustrator and Art Director, to a Mom, a Friend, a Teacher, a Maid, a Writer and back to a Student. Take each step with Love and Joy and be open to change because you never know where that different path will lead you.