Sitting in Silence

Tara Lazar came to speak at my children’s school today, so I went to help and listen. One kid asked: How do you come up with ideas? She told the kids to put down the phone, computer, games and think. Great advice…So I am taking it! #taralazar


Foxes in Love

Here is a new image I’ve been working on. When I first sketched it, (see below) I had much less going on but after listening to Will Terry’s February Third Thursday about adding more to your illustrations, it changed everything and for the better. It’s not #draw50things but #draw25things can work for this one. My next image will be #draw50things and now I see him talking about perspective, so maybe I will add that too. Would love to hear your thoughts? Let me know what you think. #kidlit #shannonassociates #draw50things #draw25things #willterry  foxserandeonriver


Author Tara Lazar

Tara Lazar author of “I Thought This Was a Bear Book” and “Little Red Gliding Hood” is coming to Derek & Aimee’s school for an Author visit. I may be more excited to meet her than the kids are! They are also having a contest where each kid can do an Illustration for a fractured fairy tale and one kid from each class will be picked to have lunch with her. That is so exciting!  Take a look at their drawings below:

They were so excited to do the drawing; Aimee even did a second which is what we submitted. Good luck to all the kids! What a great experience this is for them.
I will keep you posted on how it goes.


Website update

Hi Everyone. Just wanted to send a quick note that I have updated my website which is…long overdue. Check out all my new Artwork here as well as my page on Shannon Associates website. Check it out, pass it along, and keep me in mind! Next, I will be updating my Design section as well as eventually updating my site with a whole new fresh look, but seriously let’s take it one step at a time! Have a wonderful weekend! Kim