Just a little venting here. I purchased a new Apple computer system, subscription to Adobe Suite and new Wacom Intuos Pro tablet in September to make sure I was up to date for all new work I get. I researched probably for over a year before making the final purchase. I want to mention to anyone purchasing a new Wacom Tablet, there is a new Wacom Intuos Pro Paper edition out just 3 weeks ago. This was a secret, they told me at Wacom. The Paper edition is very cool because you can add paper to the clip on top of the tablet and ink your drawing on top. It does not even need to be attached to the computer, so it is portable. ThenĀ it will be sent to Photoshop from your tablet. So cool! But unfortunately if I want that edition, I need to sell this one and purchase a new one for $399. Yikes! So if anyone is in the market for a new Wacom Intuos Pro, be sure to check out the paper edition first. It’s still $100 more than the original ($299), but would be worth it if you do any inking at all. And if anyone is interested in purchasing this Wacom Intuos Pro from me for $299….let me know. Cheers!img_20170131_134255302

Personal website vs. social media sites

Do people use Behance as their personal website? I have a subscription to the Adobe suite so I thought maybe this is something to look into? I have a personal website through GoDaddy at, but wondering if this makes sense to have a personal site along with all the social media sites we have now: Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Behance, Instagram, etc. I feel like I need to consolidate, but want to do it right. Is it ever overkill? Or does it help to have your own personal domain name? Do you find that companies that hire you expect a personal website with a personal domain?

I would love to know peoples thoughts about this.

Thank You,
Kim Gatto


Happy New Year – 2017

This year started off sick and still going, but finally feeling better and getting back to doing some much needed new artwork. Take a look at my Rooster images for Chinese New Year. This started as pencil, then onto ink, then onto the computer for some additional fun. Hope you enjoy. Please also check out my new Behance site for some added exposure.