IKEA soft toy drawing competition

There is an IKEA soft toy competition. We missed it last year and the kids were so eager to do it this year. We just submitted it and need everyone to vote. Voting starts on Nov 12 https://info.ikea-usa.com/softtoy

I will resend links when it comes closer. Derek and Aimee would love to have there own special characters become toys. Make 2 kids dreams become reality! Thanks and Hugs.

Derek described his character as this: This is my cat Skittle. He is Super Spy Kitty. He fights crimes with his sister kitty Choco and brother kitty Charlie. He has rocket boosters on his feet and they are made of the material noted on the image so when you run with him, they flap up in the air. He has a spy eye, a tracking device, and radar system connected to him. His tail can help him hang when needed. This kitty is one super spy!


Derek Gatto – Age 8 – Super Skitty Cat

Aimee described her character as this: This toy is a two sided monster named Grace on top and Kim on the bottom. I like them because they have one eye that can see everything that is going on at home. Grace is her crazy/fun side and Kim is her happy side holding 2 hearts.


Aimee Gatto – Age 5 – 2 sided monster with the crazy/fun side named Grace and the happy side with hearts named Kim (is that me?)


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