Step It Up!

Inktober starts very soon; so excited. People on Facebook’s School of Visual Storytelling have some awesome ideas! There are some very talented artists to motivate and inspire you. My goal has been September – School related images, October – Children related scenes based on the list given by Jake Parker on Facebook’s School of Visual Storytelling, November – Disney related (since we will be going that month), and December – Advent or Christmas images. Exciting end of year!!! I’ve sketched everyday in September just haven’t posted every day…but October is the challenge I will ink and post EVERYDAY! Stay tuned.



I need to rant for a moment. I just bought a beautiful (but expensive) new Imac. God help me!! Computer is great! So I said I am going to call Cannon to see if they have drivers/software that would work for my Canoscan 9950F scanner. They basically said it’s been obsolete for the past 5 years, but Apple made it work up until OS 10.6.8 (which is on my last computer-yes I didn’t upgrade much but made it all this time). How nice of them! They said this machine was made in 2004. Ok…well, it works perfectly on my old system…but only with 10.6.8. So anyone who updates since 10.6.8 had to dump it. So since Apple decided it’s time for me to spend more money…I have to get rid of it. It’s a disgusting world! I hope the dumps can hold it all and not push the earth out of orbit!!! End of venting! Moral: Some things just don’t need to be changed.


Inspiration and Motivation


So I’ve been trying to keep up on my drawing challenges for the rest of the year. For September I thought school related images made sense and so I drew a couple Bear friends with back packs. Well my 5 year old tells me she loves my Bears and wants to draw them. So she has me rip a page out of my book because she can’t find any paper in the house, really? Well, I think she out did me.

I am so inspired. Get into the mind of kids. Whenever I am feeling uninspired I look at the way, they just do it..and it really gets me motivated! Simple yet amazing with the added heart, flower and of course rainbow above the bears heads.

Live life to inspire and inspiration will come your way!

Hope the rest of your day is filled with rainbows, hearts and flowers!