It’s official…

I am so happy to be part of Shannon Associates, llc. What an exciting time! So many amazing artists and I am now part of the group. Please check it out and pass it on.
Shannon Associates or KidShannon
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Exciting New Year!

This has been an exciting new year. Very busy! Some great news to share. I just can’t wait any longer, I am preparing my illustrations right now to join Shannon Associates, LLC as one of their Illustrators. I am so excited to be working with Justin Rucker again. We worked together back when I was working as Art Director at Simon & Schuster and he is one of the nicest Agents out there. It will be so much fun to be on the Artist side. In addition, I am doing lots more work with Christmas Tree Shops and will begin working onsite a couple days a week to help out. Very exciting! Can’t wait! I will share more when I can!