Wow, it’s been a crazy New Year. I think I started off being sick and just continued until a few days ago. Although, I haven’t posted much, I have been doing the 30 Day Drawing Challenge and plan on continuing everyday this year! It’s Amazing! I must say “Thanks” to Jake Parker for continuing INKtober. It’s been such an eye opener and so inspirational! Some great new things this year! I feel it and hope to share soon. Here is a little inspirational piece I did for the 30 Day Drawing Challenge-Day 24-Letter…So much fun! Enjoy! And always Dream BIG!


New Years Blues

I was given a piece of advice from a very special someone today, they said: “Think about what you would tell your children to do, and then do it!”

Wow…that is painful, but true. When your feeling a bit down on yourself, give yourself your own advice. That is exactly what I plan on doing! Hoping for a wonderful, bright, prosperous and self improved New Year for all of us!

30 Day Drawing Challenge – Day 5

Day5lr30 Drawing Challenge – Day 5 Seabirds
Well, I didn’t really do this as expected but I saw this bird and he was cute! I couldn’t go out to a marina since I am not near one! I did want to try Oil Pastels with it but ended up tweaking in Photoshop! I figure this first month I will play with styles, mediums, and see what I like best, then throw in some of my styles to make it my own!
Good times!