The Spirit of Christmas (or whatever holiday you observe)

With the holidays coming and all the gifts that need to be purchased, I came upon the thought that there is no real spirit anymore. As a child, when I had no money to buy a gift, I would make something to give to the ones I loved. I loved doing that, but found at times people didn’t appreciate it. I would hear or find things thrown away (Believe it or not)! Is that the spirit of Christmas? Now, I find myself hung up on finding the perfect gift, get the gift card to make them happy, etc! But that is changing right now! This year, for all the people who expect a gift card, stop expecting! My husband and I have always made sure our children had a wonderful Christmas and received “some” of the things they wanted, but I will also remind them that it is not all about the material things, but the love that is put into picking something special or making something specifically for them. And that also goes for other people I buy for. And if this is not enough, then you need to look into their hearts and find the spirit! Happy Holidays to all!

The moral: Never let anyone take away your spirit!


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