Happy Holiday Box Gifts

It all started with me making a little gift for Mike and the Kids for us as a Keepsake. Then, Aimee for her godmother and Derek wanted to make one for his teacher and then Me for my Mom. I hope everyone enjoyed this little treat as we enjoyed making them. I have 2 left I was making and will finish them up and show later. Happy Holidays!


Society 6

Hi All,
Hoping to get more up for the holidays (slow start), but I post few images on Society 6. Check it out: https://society6.com/designsbygatto
Spread the word and I will keep you posted as more is posted!
Happy Holidays!


Elf on the Shelf

We don’t need an Elf on the Shelf because our cat Skittle is a true Elf on the Shelf. He works for Santa! He does! All year long and especially in December he watches and does crazy things around the house, but my kids are just so interested in this Elf on the Shelf. Maybe we can get an Elf to help Skittle, they say!  So we were at Michaels Craft store and found 2 smaller Elf on the Shelf’s (they are ornaments actually but quite large). So my daughter says, we have to have a girl for her and a boy for my son. They take this stuff really seriously. They are dedicated. Derek told us if you touch them, then they lose their magic. Well, unbelievably I’ve never read the book, but found some tips on the internet on how to fix their magic if you are dumb enough to touch them! All you need is to put some cinnamon near them (not too much). Well we did, and let me tell you, it worked! I went down to get a drink of water tonight and found a really amazing scene!