This is an image I was hoping to get done for Thanksgiving…but lots to get done this weekend and I can’t finish it right now; but I will finish it.

Be Thankful for all you have. I am. 2 amazing kids, the best husband ever, the most amazing friends and my family!

Always being needed, being too busy, having tons of things to do and get done, these are all good things!

Peace, Love and Hugs!

Thanksgiving fun with kids

My son asked to dress him like a Pilgrim. It couldn’t be simple! So we constructed the hat, collar, and belt all out of material around the house. It was a magical day!


Why is it when you have a million other things you need to do, all you have are thoughts of Illustrations flowing through your head!!!
I am going to focus…phone call-important…clean carpets & wash away-I guess important…research more work-important but painful…draw the things oozing out of your brain…life and death important!