Diary of a Wimpy Kid Party Planning

DiaryofWimpyKidcoverIt all starts with a boy who loves to Party! It’s Derek’s 7th Birthday!
And, I love to plan these parties. My kids love to help! So he wanted it at our house this year (because his sister had it here)…On the coldest day of the season!
Well, it al worked out…Dinner and a Movie!
“Diary of a Wimpy Kid”
FavorColors Favor
These are the favors: 5 colors, Diary of a … Make it your own.
With your portrait Wimpy Kid style!

CakeTop  IMG_2337
An Awesome cake with art by Derek Gatto,
layout by Kim Gatto and cake by Shop Rite! (Believe it or not)
Derek the Party Kid!
A party is never as awesome without a Marshmallow Character station!
Good thing we are so close to Halloween.
IMG_2426  MovieTickets&GLowSticks
impy Kid pumpkin carving, Awesome Gregg Heffley Balloon, movie tickets (Illustrated by Derek Gatto), and Glows for the outside Movie!

12079683_10207414316303607_3461745958652771639_n 10350353_10207414299943198_259356735541972595_n 12096391_10207414300223205_6323017936059693757_n 12119100_10207414301743243_7408336061039950957_n
The best part of the night!
The outside movie showing “Diary of a Wimpy Kid!”

I should have become a party planner. I love every part of it, from designing the invites, to making the favors, to planning the party, even the stress thinking it might be too cold and too insane to have an outdoor party in October on one of the coldest days of the season.
Maybe that will be my new adventure!
Kid party planner…for hire!
Enjoy the pics and the inspiration!


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