INKtober 2015 Day 29

INKtober 2015 Day 29
Wow…October is coming to an end. I really wish it wouldn’t, what a great month it’s been! Here is a sweet little sketch “Friends come in all shapes and colors!” Isn’t that true!
This sketch is rough, but I love the idea; I will definitely work this into my color style.


History – Waterloo Village Stanhope, NJ

An AMAZING weekend filled with History and fun!
Last night Waterloo Village had trick-or-treating!
Waterloo Village is a 19th-century canal town in Byram Township, Sussex County, New Jersey. This village contains a working gristmill, a general store, blacksmith shop, a canal museum and several historic houses. The village is located on the banks of the Morris Canal. An early 19th-century log cabin farm site and 17th-century Lenape Indian Village exhibit are also located at the site. It was so fun to walk through as the sun was setting! I hope they decide to have more exciting events here for the kids and adults to enjoy! This is a little bit of history everyone, young and old will enjoy!
Enjoy the amazing pictures below!

IMG_2552 IMG_2556 IMG_2554  IMG_2559IMG_2553 IMG_2564  IMG_2565 IMG_2566 IMG_2567 IMG_2568 IMG_2570 IMG_2571  IMG_2572 IMG_2597 IMG_2595IMG_2601 IMG_2604