Life…It’s a funny thing! My son and I planted sunflowers this year. He was so excited! We had about 8 standing. One rain and they were down. One survived. We watched over it. It grew, and grew and was just about to bloom 3 beautiful sunflowers! Then one day, my husband comes inside upset. What? The deer bit the heads off the flowers. It was so sad. My son (almost 7) said: Maybe it will come back? We sat there thinking, no way that is going to happen! But we left it standing tall, tied to a support stick, with no sign of life. At-least that is what we thought until one morning, we walked outside and saw this!

 IMG_2145  IMG_2143




Party Planning and Design

WimpyKidSampleI can’t explain how much enjoyment I find in planning my kids birthday parties. From picking the theme, designing the invitations, planning the party, the favors, the activities, etc. My son turns 7 this October and we are having a bash! Dinner and a Movie…fun for all ages! Diary of a Wimpy Kid…Here is an almost final invitation. Let’s remember my son hasn’t approved it yet! He is just as crazy as me but a whole lot of fun!


Life finds a Way

IMG_2138 IMG_2139 IMG_2141I went to the bus stop with my son today, no one was there yet. I looked down to see this little creature on the sidewalk. At first I thought it was dead, but then it moved it arms and legs and was breathing and opening it’s mouth. We quickly ran to get a container, put some paper towels inside, and ran back. I placed it carefully inside. I couldn’t just leave it as it reached toward me with it’s little arms and open mouth. I may be the crazy woman on the street now, but I just can’t help it. I called around and found a number for someone in Morris County NJ, off Wildlife Rehabilitators, Anthony DeSimone in Morristown. He had me contact Antler Ridge Wildlife Rescue. They told me to contact the Animal Clinic of Morris Plains. They would evaluate and contact them for rescue. For this one time I am going to believe in humankind and hope this little creature lives. I think it’s a chipmunk or possibly a squirrel. Yes, they can be annoying creatures, but when you look at this little life trying to make it in this huge world, it all seems so much different. Life will find a way!