Wall of Hooks

IMG_2147 IMG_2151 IMG_2153 IMG_5664 (1)

Since we moved into this house September 2014, I wanted to do something to this wall! I searched Pinterest (check out my Pinterest DIY project page) for all different wall options. I wanted to paint the wall, but that would lead us into painting our entire Kitchen, which I am so NOT ready to take on! The previous owners had an old coat rack with an unusable shelf on the wall dating back from the 1970’s. Well, first I decided let’s take down the coat rack and we’ll see what we have. Of course when we took down the coat rack there was an unpainted (white outline) of it. Is that what people do when they get tired and older?! I decided to buy 2 pieces of wood and place the thicker one right over the old unpainted coat rack outline and a thinner piece slightly below so we could put bags, etc. I had these old hooks from many years ago and knew they would come in handy some day. We stained the wood and put it all together. I also bought some knobs, which some people in my house thought might not quite work, but I knew they would. Well here you have it one more project done!

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