A Sunflower from beginning to end and back again

A Sunflower from beginning to end.

A Sunflower from beginning to end.

IMG_1724 IMG_1726 IMG_1731 IMG_1734 IMG_1738We bought the sunflower to paint it and enjoy the beauty, but as the days went on, we noticed something amazing about it. It was evolving as it was nearing the end. Look at the beauty from the beginning to the end. The intricate works of the stem and center. I couldn’t just throw it away, so we pulled out the center and made it to the seeds. We are drying them to replant in the Spring. Life is beautiful in so many ways!


Sometimes I sit here and find myself trying to avoid the things I know I want to do. Why? Maybe it’s fear of failure or success? Sometimes it can be that you realize, it’s not going to get done in the time you need it to be done so why put forth too much effort, anyway? . . . Why, because if it was ever important to you, it’s work putting forth the effort, even if it doesn’t get done at the time you wanted to get it done. You will still learn more by pushing forward, than giving up entirely!

My thoughts come from the fact I wanted to do this image for Society of Visual Story Telling third thursday for August. I have most of the image done, but got stuck along the way with what I wanted the final image to look like. It’s due at 11 am. Well, I will keep moving forward on this and hope the next subject will get done in the right amount of time. And when I do finish it, I will post it here.

Thanks to Will Terry and Jake Parker for great subject matter to keep the mind going!


Inspirational Artists

Today I sit here looking at my list of inspiring Artists on my pinterest page:

They inspire me to paint, design, try new things, and also just be me! This list is long, but not the only ones that inspire me. Some are random people I found online, just looking for inspiration and some have been an inspiration for a lifetime it seems. Who inspires you?

Check back to see more.