Bee – loved Friend – Painting for my Daughter Aimee Grace

IMG_1688 I painted this for my daughter Aimee Grace. The meaning of her name is: Beloved Friend and Gift from God. I Love painting these one off images and hope some day to do more licensing artwork. This could sell quite nicely with different names and meanings. This was traditionally painted with Acrylics on Masonite board. I would like to paint it digitally to make it easier to customize pieces and sell them. Any suggestions on places I can sell on the web?


It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be.

I am always telling my kids, never give up – keep moving forward. I was challenged today with making some changes to this blog and realized in the end when I finally fixed some things; never give up – keep moving forward! You will always make it to where you need to be!

Gattos Garden

Gatto'sGardenI thought this was an appropriate image to post, “Gattos Garden.” This was last weeks post on Illustration Friday. I plan on trying to post something each week…and if I don’t post it there, due to lack of time, I’ll try to post it here. Enjoy!