Goldie & Bear image

I’ve been playing with this sketch of Goldie & Bear. I originally did this image in color below:


Tea with Bear and Friends Final

I was looking to do a b&w image in a similar style. So here is my sketch:


So playing with it I was really enjoying what was happening in this piece, so I posted this as a beginning:


Here is my final image with adjustments.


I think I need to do a bunch more like this image. I am loving it! I didn’t want to stop painting! Hope you love it too. Enjoy!


Day 15 #100dayproject

Wow, I am far behind on this project. I lost a couple of weeks between vacation, kids off school, and planning Aimee’s birthday party. Well, here is an image I meant to get back to. First, one is young, second is getting a little older. If you have kids you can relate. Enjoy!youngmiddle


Day 13 #100dayproject

Well, I am slow on my #100dayproject drawsings with work, school being out, and other artwork. Here is one image I am playing around with. Not sure how it will end up, but here is one example. I bought these awesome “Pentel Aqua ink brushes”. Love them! Awesome! Any suggestions are welcome. 0622171344Tree