August’s prompt on is to redesign 4 characters from the “The Wizard of Oz.” I worked on so many sketches, here are a few. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the final color done, but I just LOVE this website and thought I’d post it anyway. I guess I think too much and it slows me down sometimes, haha, but I got a lot out of this prompt. If you are looking for great artists to connect with and help inspire you with amazing prompts to help you make an amazing piece of art this is where to go: Enjoy!


Update on my Monster Ballet

Summer has begun, kids activities are abundant, but I am determined to find time to create what I want to every day. Here is an update on my “Monster Ballet” image inspired by my own two little monsters, Aimee and Derek. I have a very cute photo of them from last year, (unfortunately I can’t find it) with Derek trying to photo bomb Aimee’s Ballet
photo-shoot we were doing. I began this image as just them in a room, but had an idea to add a frame and really think it works nicely. I would love to hear your thoughts? They are inspiring in more ways than they know. Enjoy the image and enjoy this beautiful summer! Every moment is sacred.


Rough Sketch


Final “Monster Ballet” with hat and frame